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Write for us and tell us what to write about

Do you have expertise related to education that our community should know more about? Are you leading an awesome new program in your school? Did your child’s teacher win a major national award? What’s keeping you up at night about your school?

Central Park Education News is built for the community. Our news and resources are made richer and more complete by the diverse perspectives of our community. We are always looking for guest contributors - educators, parents, students, experts, local leaders, neighbors, advocacy organizations - to bring us great news, features, commentary, analysis and advocacy.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute. Our editor can meet with you to discuss how to help bring your story to life. Get in touch (using the form below) to have an initial conversation.

A few quick guidelines and ground rules for guest commentary:

  • Be respectful: We value honest (and candid) opinions, but we will only publish content that is respectful in tone and promotes productive conversation.
  • Have your facts in order: While we do publish opinion pieces, all facts and sources must be checked and accurate.
  • Keep it relevant: We cover stories at all levels - local, state and national, but all our pieces have relevance to the Central Park education community.
  • Keep it to an appropriate length: While length depends on the quality of the piece and likely interest level, a general rule of thumb is in the range of 500-750 words. We reserve the right to edit your piece for clarity, readability or length.
  • No submission guarantees: Due to limitations on space and capacity, we can’t guarantee all pieces will be published.

Got a story idea, but don’t want to write it?

We also love to receive ideas and leads about possible stories and issues readers think we should pay attention to. Get in touch and let us know about unique programs or projects at schools that can be of value to all schools.

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