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Central Park School Guide

10,000 students attending Central Park Schools

12% of enrollment of DPS

2 districts serve Central Park Schools

16 schools serving Central Park Schools & nearby neighborhood

For parents, few decisions feel more significant than choosing the right school for their children. And thanks to Colorado’s “school choice” law, students can attend any public school (that has space) in the state. This system is both empowering and overwhelming: it brings incredible potential to optimize your student’s educational journey, but only if you can make sense of the vast amount of data, information and opinion that’s available.

Central Park EdNews is committed to helping you better understand your educational options by providing unbiased information and news about local schools. See below for our list of resources.

(Note: this section of our site is still under construction and will be fully built by fall 2023).


Central Park School Guide

Descriptions and demographic data on Central Park schools

CO Department of Education

Filter through school profiles and performance data on CDE’s website.

Great Schools

A third-party, national rating system for schools, based on publicly-available data.

Coming soon:

School Leader Interviews

Hear directly from local school leaders about what makes their school special.

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