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Find out which Central Park schools won half of the 25 DPS spots in the State Spelling Bee

By Brian Weber /CPEdNews | February 19, 2024

Students from three Central Park schools won 13 out of 25 spots in the qualifying round on Feb. 9 for the Colorado State Spelling Bee on March 9. Denver Green (middle) School Northfield took top honors with 10 winners. Westerly […]

Ten Willow students on why they entered the city Spelling Bee. Will they do it again?

By Central Park EdNews | February 19, 2024

Willow Elementary sent ten students to the city spelling bee on Feb. 9 that was held at Slavens (K-8) School. They are all identified as Gifted and Talented, according to Principal Catrina Pazo. In its second year competing in the […]

IB is 4 All at Northfield. What does that mean? Good time to learn with 2024-25 course selection coming

By Central Park EdNews | February 12, 2024

Northfield High School follows an “IB for All” approach to it’s education program. To know what that means takes an understanding of the overall International Baccalaureate Program. (Information for this story was gathered from Northfield’s IB Coordinators Peter Wright and […]

Myths and highlights of International Baccalaureate for All at Northfield

By Peter Wright/CPEdNews | February 12, 2024

Let’s start with misconceptions of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Myth 1: IB is not suitable for an average student. This is false. No one is great at everything and IB is open to all students who want to participate. […]

DPS Choice ended Monday. Not to worry. Round 2 of Choice opens April 10! Central Park School Guide can help!

By Central Park EdNews | February 5, 2024

Central Park Education News is excited to announce its new Central Park School Guide! And just in time for Denver Public Schools annual school choice process that ends Feb. 12. The guide lists 16 public schools that serve Central Park […]

Principals on why their schools are THE Choice – Ashley, Denver Green, DSSTs, Inspire, Izzi B, McAuliffe, Northfield, Odyssey, Swigert, Westerly Creek, Bill Roberts, Willow

By Central Park EdNews | February 5, 2024

Denver Public Schools opened its annual choice enrollment period Jan. 11 that runs until Feb. 12 for the 2024-25 school  year. This is an especially important period for the so-called “transition years” of kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades when students […]

SchoolChoice: How it works and could be improved in Central Park’s enrollment zone

By Sarah Huber /CPEdNews | February 5, 2024

(Cover map furnished by Denver Public Schools.) Keely Buchanan, founder of Colorado Educational Consulting, kicks off her classes on SchoolChoice for Central Park families with optimism: “Great news! You have six amazing options for elementary school,” she announces. Colorado is […]

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