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DPS Choice ended Monday. Not to worry. Round 2 of Choice opens April 10! Central Park School Guide can help!

Central Park Education News is excited to announce its new Central Park School Guide! And just in time for Denver Public Schools annual school choice process that ends Feb. 12.

The guide lists 16 public schools that serve Central Park and a detailed description of each school’s education program/focus.

Also listed are a school’s location, stats such as student/teacher ratio, total enrollment, demographics (racial breakdown, free/reduced lunch enrollment, median household income in the school’s enrollment area) and academic performance based on results from the Colorado Measure of Academic Success, annual state standardized tests. 

Sources for information in the guide are:

Central Park Education News on CMAS resultsColorado Department of EducationDPS School DirectoryNicheCity of AuroraCity of Denver and the school websites. 

Click here for information on the DPS school choice process that begins Jan. 11 and ends Feb. 12.

Click here to go the Central Park School Guide from Central Park Education News.


Central Park School Guide


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