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Sex ed book pulled from Cherry Creek school libraries after parent complaint

By Carina Julig /Aurora Sentinel | October 6, 2022

By CARINA JULIG, Aurora Sentinel Staff Writer  – October 6, 2022 AURORA | A sex education book has been removed from circulation in Cherry Creek School District libraries following a parent complaint that prompted an internal review of three books. “This […]

Legal bullying of exemplary students exposes Denver Public Schools’ hypocrisy

By boardhawk | September 23, 2022

Sept. 23, 2022 By Alan Gottlieb What is Denver Public Schools leadership thinking? In threatening to sue four of its former students and an ex-principal over an alleged trademark violation for a racial justice-themed podcast the students created, DPS is violating its […]

Denver Public Schools’ dangerous, data-less spin

By boardhawk | September 22, 2022

By Van Schoales Last Friday’s letter to the community from Denver Public Schools Superintendent Marrero left me breathless. It was a remarkable exemplar of what has become the norm these days for politicians of all stripes. Undermine data, ignore reality, and create […]

A first look at Denver Public Schools’ new strategic plan

By Chalkbeat | September 19, 2022

Melanie Asmar, Chalkbeat Colorado Aug 19, 11:41am EDT A year into his tenure, Denver Public Schools Superintendent Alex Marrero is rolling out a new strategic plan to guide Colorado’s largest school district. The plan, which Marrero calls a roadmap, focuses […]

Denver has the largest test score gaps by race in the state

By Chalkbeat | September 15, 2022

Melanie Asmar, Chalkbeat Colorado Aug 22, 7:29am EDT Denver Public Schools has the largest test score gaps in all of Colorado between white and Black students, and between white and Hispanic students, in both literacy and math. Data released last […]

DPS board members indulge in Trump-like grievance while students suffer

By boardhawk | August 31, 2022

I have been observing and writing about Denver Public Schools since 1995 and have witnessed heated political battles on a number of important issues, including weighty ones like how to redraw school boundaries as court-ordered busing came to an end. […]

Denver teachers, stoked to see their students, know COVID’s legacy is still with them

By Central Park EdNews | August 22, 2022

“Our nervous system was always in fight or flight mode … is this year gonna be different?” Alexis Lopez (left) and Ellen Petrila prepare for the first day of school in her classroom at Lowry Elementary. Aug. 18, 2022.  Kevin […]

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