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Innovation leader who DPS banned from Central Park schools says district leaning on investigation, not collaboration. “This is not good for our students.”

By Colleen O'Brien /Boardhawk | November 20, 2023

(Editor’s note: The investigation cited in this piece relates to circumstances arising from DPS Superintendent Alex Marrero’s firing of Kurt Dennis, longtime principal of McAuliffe International, in July ostensibly because he had revealed private information about a student in an […]

DPS bans NE innovation leader from schools and staffs further hampering progress of teachers and students

By Brian Weber /CPEdNews | November 15, 2023

Cover photo: DPS Superintendent Alex Marrero. Denver Public Schools has banned the leader of the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone, that oversees McAuliffe and Swigert International schools, from entering district buildings, working or communicating with school leaders and staffs or to […]

McAuliffe teachers, parents and students protest DPS threat to dismantle innovation status and its refusal to end a forced leave for a highly-regarded assistant principal

By Chris Broderick /Boardhawk | November 14, 2023

Cover photo: McAuliffe International students and parents making their displeasure known with DPS central administration over the long-delayed review of its innovation plan and the district’s refusal to reinstate assistant principal Micah Klaver who’s been on administrative leave for three […]

Voters sent the DPS board a message to stop its dysfunction and focus on student achievement, safety. Will members hear it?

By Melanie Asmar /Chalkbeat | November 12, 2023

It’s clear from the ousting of two incumbents on the Denver school board that voters are mad. Mad that a student with a previous weapons charge was allowed to enroll at East High School, and that he brought a gun to […]

Healthy Start Times unhealthy for McAuliffe’s learning time. School wants its longer day back.

By Brian Weber /CPEdNews | November 6, 2023

The Denver Public Schools new mandated later start times for secondary schools is costing McAuliffe International students an hour per day of core curriculum instruction and forcing the school to spend thousands on teacher supervision as parents continue to drop […]

Central Park school tours started Nov. 13!

By Central Park EdNews | November 6, 2023

  Central Park school tours started on Nov. 13!   Check web sites of Central Park schools for more about school tours and other information on the upcoming choice period! Click here for information from the DPS Choice office.   […]

DPS Election: John Youngquist wins big for at-large seat, two incumbents lose by wide margins to Kimberly Sia in southeast and Marlene DeLa Rosa in northwest

By Melanie Asmar /Chalkbeat | November 6, 2023

Cover photo: Newly elected Denver school board members (l-r): Kimberlee Sia,  John Youngquist and Marlene De La Rosa, on election night, Nov. 7.  Kimberlee Sia and John Youngquist. In a year of rising gun violence in and around Denver schools, and persistent allegations […]

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