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In the wake of East shooting, McAuliffe Principal Kurt Dennis says he also has a student who must be checked daily for weapons. District refuses to remove him.

McAuliffe International Principal Kurt Dennis says the Denver school district has refused to withdraw a male student from his school who had been charged with attempted first degree murder and illegal discharge of a gun earlier this year, according to 9News.

He and staff members must pat down the student for weapons on a daily basis much like East High School administrators had to do with a student who shot two staffers conducting a daily pat down Wednesday — something they are not trained to do and that police recommend be done only by police officers.

Dennis made his remarks in an interview Friday with a 9News reporter on the “Next with Kyle Clark” show.

Dennis said a district Student Discipline Program Manager informed him that “As there is no evidence that [the student] was in possession of a firearm on his school grounds or at any other DPS school, the request for an extended suspension and expulsion hearing is denied.  Please return the student to school.” The document was obtained by 9News.

To see the complete interview go to: “Next with Kyle Clark”




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